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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Honesty. It sucks sometimes.

It's September.

Time to get serious. Technically, I started "training" for a marathon a few weeks ago, but in actuality, this is the month where I am hoping to make some major strides and get my running life back on track.

I am also toying with the idea of joining Weight Watches and using their online app. My weight is out of control. All summer I tried a high protein diet and ended up eating way too much processed soy crap and have stalled out and possibly even gained weight. I'm unhappy with my weight and my body and while I've counted calories with success in the past, I think a points system might offer me some flexibility and at the very least, something new to challenge me. I downloaded an App for my phone called Ultimate Food Value Diary Plus which is similar to Weight Watchers, so I am going to use it for a few days and if I like it, I might take the plunge and commit to Weight Watchers for 3 months.

Which means less of this.
Honestly, it's hard to get over the shame and embarrassment that I let myself get to this point. The point where all my clothes are too tight. The point where I mostly wear running shorts around the house instead of real shorts because...HELLO I need to be able to breathe.

So, that's where I am.

Now, that I'm admitting to myself and my friends that I need to get a grip on my weight, I can just move forward and start making the changes that I know I can make.

In the past I've shied away from talking about my weight or what I eat on the blog. And, I am going to continue to not talk about it too much. But, I also wanted to address it, because, well... it's a problem.

Anyway... onward and upward and if anyone has great things or terrible things to say about Weight Watchers let me know! NYC recap still in the works, btw.

Monday, August 24, 2015

NYC, Bitches!

On the Brooklyn Bridge!
And yes, I'm a bitch:
this is a terrible photo of my beautiful mom,
but it's a good one of me... so... yeah.  
Sorry mom!

 My mom and I went to NYC for a long weekend. She had never been so we walked OVER 30 miles in the span of Thursday afternoon-Saturday night exploring the hell out of the city. I took her to all my favorite spots and I obliged her with a couple of her requests. It was a GREAT trip and once I get photos uploaded, I'll do a post about it.
Which reminds me to say this... I have recently gotten into Snapchat. And I have no qualms telling you that I am OBSESSED with it. I only have like 4 friends, but, I snapchatted the hell out of this trip. And plan on using it more and more. So, if you want to add me on snapchat my handle is:

AY    USC    02

(no spaces. I'm afraid of spambots). 

(I'm also not very clever when it comes to choosing names, either. Obvi).

Friday, August 14, 2015

Marathon Training: Week 1 Review

So, my marathon training officially kicked off last Monday. Work has been absolutely nuts this week, so I am just now getting around to talking about it.

I'm training for the Flying Monkey Marathon in November. It's hilly and hard, but I've done it 3 times before and I'm ready to tackle it again.

Me in November, probably.

If this were two years ago, I'd email the ole Coach Bitch and have her draw me up a training plan. But, I know that being held responsible to a plan that someone makes for me, would cause too much anxiety right now. Unfortunately, this is not going to be one of those training cycles where I can say YES... Tuesdays are speedwork days and Thursdays are mid-length long run days. Sadly, the way my schedule is right now, each week is going to be different.

So, I am going to have to make do with what I have schedule-wise.

Roughly, that means this... Run When I Can.

Now, this is what I hope that's going to look like:

Weekend Warrior: I am going to capitalize on my weekends. Once I get up to half-way decent shape (hopefully only a couple more weeks till that happens), I am going to pack my weekends with running. That means, Running Long on Saturdays and running again Semi-Long on Sundays.

Tuesdays Off: For whatever reason, Tuesdays are my hell day at work. So, instead of scheduling runs for that day and then feeling terrible that I missed a run. I'm just going to make that a scheduled off day. If something happens, and I'm actually able to get a run in that day, then I will! Bonus!

Mid-day Runs: I am going to ATTEMPT to start scheduling 1 mid-day run a week. My productivity at work peaks from 7am-11am and then again from about 3:00pm-6:00pm. So, I'm hoping to bite the bullet and go to work with my hair in a ponytail one morning and then slip out for an extended lunch in the middle of the day to run, shower, get ready for the second half day of work. Starting out, I probably won't need much more than my allotted 1 hour lunch, but as the miles inch up, then it will (hopefully) get closer to 2 hours. It sucks to have to re-apply makeup and all that in the middle of the day, but I think it could be a good solution to maximizing my productivity at work and getting a quality run in.

Now, did I employ any of that in Week 1?
But, I did find this adorable gif of a puppy and a pool of water. 


Treadmill: The KoB has a treadmill. I should take the opportunity to use it more than I do. Yes treadmills suck and I did 3 miles at one time on it last week and wanted to stab my eyes out with a dull kitchen knife the whole time. But, it could come in handy for doing quick EARLY morning runs since I can't leave my dog at home alone at my place early in the mornings.

Adorable? Yes.
But also conniving.
He goes apeshit in the mornings when I try to leave 
him before quiet hours are over (7am)
As soon as it's 7:01am.
Nary a peep.

So, week 1 looked like this:
Total Mileage: 26.5 miles
Cross-training: Almost an hour and a half total of weights, yoga, pilates. 
Long run: 9 miles

Not exactly burning it up out there, but ya know, we all have to start somewhere.


Friday, August 7, 2015

Odds and Ends

First up, The Mayoral Election. After changing my mind a zillion times during the course of this election, I ended up voting for Megan Barry. I always liked Megan, but my fear was that I was afraid she was going to be another Karl Dean. And frankly, I am sick and tired of living and working amongst the growth that we have seen while Dean's been Mayor. It was great, until it wasn't. BUT, I so feared that Freeman would win and I really thought that Barry was his biggest competition and was the only one that could beat him in a run-off. So, I voted for Megan Barry (she also lives a mile from me and I'm sorry Jeremy Kane, but Edgehill/Belmont > Sylvan Park) and I assume that the bad weather plagued voter turn-out, because Freeman isn't even in the run-off! Yay!

Tammi, call me. I also voted for Megan Barry.
So, we are basically BFFs now.
(So, is Connie Britton actually a registered voter in Davidson County?)

 Tammi Taylor (aka Connie Britton), Megan, and Emmylou,
you are all honorary Run Bitches. 
Bitches get stuff done.

And while I don't necessarily dislike Fox, I do think that Megan would make a better Mayor. Plus... TAMMI TAYLOR. 

Running: So, guess what people? Next week you will see a training re-cap! I know. I know. You are all shocked. But, I signed up for a Marathon Lottery and started training this week (If I don't get in, I will just make a donation to the Park and bandit the thing). I wrote out a training plan while I was in Wisconsin last week for work. I'll talk more about all that next week. 

Other miscellany: I backed into The KoB's car last Sunday morning.

 I have a couple of good excuses: We were running late and his car was parked somewhere different than it normally is. BUT, at the end of the day, I just fucked up. 

 He actually said... "Jeep, Jeep, Jeep" seconds before I plowed into his car, but I was like... Jeep? Why is he saying Jeep? Does he have morning Tourette's Syndrome or something? Anyway, he was an unbelievably good sport about it and we went and bought a new tail light and he replaced it that day and he's ordered a new bumper, fender thing (which he just installed that new one a few months ago). So, all good. Now. 

So, that's what's going on with me these days. What's going on with you?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bitches do Leadville Part 4

Our last full day in Leadville, was my favorite day. We started lazily, by sleeping in a bit and recovering from our trek up Mt. Elbert the day before.

The KoB, Melissa, Jeff and I did a run along the mineral belt trail, while Tanya and Cheryl went for a ride on the Scenic Leadville Train.

Ready to run.

 This is how Melissa stretches.
"Stretching." Right.

It was a stunning day and amazingly, I actually felt pretty good. I think I had finally started to get used to breathing with the lack of oxygen.

We ran for an hour, then cleaned up and did a little shopping at my favorite outdoors store Melanzana and then met up with Tanya and Cheryl when their train ride was over. We headed to Tennessee Pass Cafe for lunch.

We drank them dry of Old Chub.

 Chug, chug, chug.

Jeff modeling his new Melanzana hat.

When they ran out of Old Chub, we walked down the block and ducked into a pool hall. Turns out, they had Old Chub on draft.

 Many, many, many games of pool were played.

 Bitches trying to look hard.
And not succeeding.
 Jeff's alter ego came out to play.

 We spent $30 on the digital jukebox.

 Jeff and The KoB chatted up some of the locals.
Who, I'm sure were annoyed by our drunk asses.

And of course, many beers were drank.

Once we decided we should probably eat dinner (after HOURS of pool), we grabbed some pizzas to go and some beers at my favorite gas station:
Not the actual Kum & Go in Leadville.
This is a picture of one I took in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Still... Kum & Go! Who named that?
 It was one of those perfect day drinking kind of days and a fantastic way to recover from Mt. Elbert and relax on our last full day in Leadville.
These people are some of my favorite people on earth and the best travel partners. Now the only question is... when and where's the next trip, bitches?

Monday, August 3, 2015

A New Way to be an Asshole.

I interrupt the Leadville Trip Posts with a Rant.

When I first started running, I always ran with my ipod. So, I get it. Running can really suck sometimes and music can trick your brain into thinking that you're enjoying it more than you are. It can also inspire and uplift you when you are struggling. I get it. The fact that I am too lazy to charge my ipod anymore or put new songs on it, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the boost that music can give to the oftentimes mundane task of running.

So, wear your headphones and enjoy your run. (Although, please, keep your music low enough that you can hear when someone or something is behind you and trying to get around. Cars, people, whatever. Be safe with your headphones, people).

Although, lately, I've noticed a new trend with running. As if we runners aren't annoying enough already, some runners are now running with their music playing OUT LOUD.

I'm sorry, but what universe do these people live in?

I encountered two people this weekend on runs. One of the guys was running a similar pace to me, so, I was stuck listening to his emo top 40 bullshit for about 15 minutes until I got so furious that I had two choices: Yell at the guy to turn that ear infecting bullshit off and appear to be a crazy person or turn off along another route to avoid him. I avoided him. See what I did there? I chose courtesy over being an asshole.

Even while climbing up Mt. Elbert, there was a girl be-bopping her way down the mountain blasting Katy Perry or something and drinking a beer from a bottle. I remember looking at Tanya and asking... "did I really just see that?"

I am starting to really get fed up with the lack of respect that people have these days. If you've been in an airport in the last year or so, I think you know what I mean. It's like the fucking Lord of the Flies there.

So, maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy or maybe I just expect too much from my fellow citizens, but if you can't live without your music, can't you just shove some headphones over your ears and spare the rest of us? (I assume that these are the same people who also talk loudly into their phones while trying to make a transaction with a cashier. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND TREAT THAT PERSON LIKE A HUMAN BEING, FOR PETES SAKE).

Obviously, I have lots of feels over all this. I better stop now, before this turns into an embarrassing bitchfest.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bitches do Leadville Part 3

The day we climbed up a fucking mountain.

 And all of us...
 ...did the...
...same fucking pose.

 But seriously, it was another spectacular day.

I took my time and tried to enjoy the hike as much as possible.

And it worked. I felt great and can honestly say I had
a blast struggling up that 14er.

Tanya, Cheryl, and I sorta stuck together and that
made it sooooo fun.

Since The KoB and I had hiked it last year, 
I didn't really take a whole lot of scenic pictures this year.
It is such a gorgeous hike, though.

 The most harrowing part of the hike.
Almost to the top!!

 The trail marker at the top!

Selfie from the highest peak in Colorado!

Again with the fucking arms.
It's like we were in a Creed video or something.

Cheryl and I take photos of each other taking photos.
Totes Meta.

Heading back down.

Helluva hike.